Students in Action

Improving Campus Environment in a Living Lab

To encourage more participation in eco-friendly endeavors, the Shanghai Commercial Bank-HKUST Sustainable Campus Leadership Program 2018-19 supported 20 student Eco-Reps in designing and implementing green campus projects. Student groups found creative ways to generate electricity via plants and explore piezoelectricity, beautify an outdoor staircase, and assist in building a green culture in labs.

Team Efforts- Let’s Go GREEN Together at HKUST

With the success of the meal boxes go green campaign in Spring 2018, the Green Team has re-run the campaign in Fall 2018 offering incentives to encourage students and staff to bring their reusable meal boxes for takeaway to reduce disposables. The group also made the HKUST community more aware of the impact we are making on the environment by designing educational posters with facts and figures around campus. Such as – it takes 450 years for a disposable plastic bottle to decompose!


REMAKE and REFIBRE are two great examples of HKUST students willing to apply their knowledge to tackle sustainability issues in real-life settings. REMAKE is a free community-based repair project that holds regular Repair Parties on campus with a fun, collaborative spirit. They thrive on skill-sharing and collaborative learning to fix technology in address the e-waste issue in Hong Kong. By repairing phones and laptops for campus community, 38kg of waste and over 2,400 kg of carbon emissions have been avoided. REFIBRE is another student group that aims to alleviate the world’s clothing waste by creating an online clothes exchange platform, allowing users to trade in used clothes instead of buying new ones. A pop-up store was displayed in academic concourse to get user feedback in spring 2019. 

Plastic Fashion Workshop

In collaboration between the Library, Centre for the Arts and Sustainability Unit, a three-day Plastic Fashion Workshop was held in April 2019 by an Italian designer and artist Manuela Catania for our students. She has been exploring ways to use old textile and plastic to hand-make wearable fashion pieces. A collection campaign was launched before the workshop to gather different types of clean and used plastic on campus. By working in groups, students were able to apply the fashion design and making skills and turn the plastics into unique pieces of fashion which were displayed in the library learning common area throughout the semester. 

Greening Hall Life 

Student Housing continues to promote a Green lifestyle for student residents. Fun activities included an Organic Strawberry farming experience day, excessive moon-cake sharing night, visit to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden and the Hong Kong Geopark. In Hall VI, a group organized a One Bottle Challenge that allowed students to cut down their waste in a fun way in a week that provided insight on ways to live sustainably such as choosing less packaging products, reusing and recycling as much as possible and composting food waste.