Progress and Performance

As a research university, members of the HKUST community are accustomed to tracking data and analyzing results. We have taken this same approach to campus sustainability to better understand trends, performance, and areas of need.

HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge

HKUST strives to become a global leader in sustainability education by transforming the Clear Water Bay campus into a living laboratory for experiential learning, demonstrating cutting-edge research and sustainable operations within a vibrant and engaged community. In the short-term, we will take the first step towards this vision with the HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge.

The Student Experience

Utilizing Our Campus as a Learning Laboratory

HKUST’s setting provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate real-world lessons by utilizing our campus as a “Learning Laboratory.” In the past year, different students went beyond the classroom to address real sustainability problems on campus.

Sustainability-related Research

Highlights from the year

HKUST Develops Environmentally Friendly Organic Solar Cells with Record Performance

A record-efficient organic solar cell developed by a research team of HKUST via an environmentally-friendly method, has been put on the renowned “Best Research-Cell Efficiencies Chart” by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the United States...

Campus Life

HKUST is committed to provide a space that it healthy, conducive to learning, and environmentally responsible. By working with our students, staff, contractors and service providers, we are creating a vibrant and engaged community.